The Hermitage, Scotland



A little over an hour from Edinburgh on the A9, near Dunkeld, you’’ll find one of the most beautiful national forests in Scotland. Full of towering trees and a wondrous waterfall, The Hermitage is a place that no Nature lover should miss.

The guide book says, “The Hermitage (Officially the Hermitage pleasure ground), at Dunkeld was created by John Murray, the 3rd Duke of Atholl, in the mid to late 18th century as part of his home, Dunkeld House. He did this to heighten his guests experience, thrill and shear enjoyment as they walked to view the falls.”

I must say, he certainly did a good job of it. So much so that I brought some of my old friend Pat’s ashes here to fly above the swirling waters of the falls below. Pat was born in Scotland and had always wanted to join the Nature Spirits in the legendary ‘Fairy Glen’ after she passed over. Unfortunately, due to the destruction of the area (see The Fairy Glen Destroyed) I brought her here instead. I know that she loved being returned to The Hermitage because her ashes swirled in the air around my head two times before disappearing in the mist of the falls.



After giving thanks for welcoming her home, I looked around at this beautiful place and asked if the Nature Spirits might like to tell us something about their world, The Hermitage. As usual they were more than happy to comply.


The Hermitage, near Dunkeld, Scotland

The waters rush and the trees lift their heads to the sky. The moss grows along the banks and Nature comes to life once more. We are the Hermitage, a group of Elementals coming together to begin again.

Once long ago, when this planet first began, the Great Mother who rules us all, brought with her many things. The waters to sooth the arid land, the stones to record the knowledge, the trees to grow in the soil, making it fertile and green. Other Nature Spirits/Elemental’s followed and still remain today offering their experience and expertise to this environment. Left to prosper we have grown to be a path for those that search. To once again become a way to connect to a realm so easily forgotten in this time and age, a world different from long ago when the Ancients, Scribes and those of legend walked these paths. Those days have gone but their legends remain as clear and fresh as when they first began.



The world that you see exists differently than the one in which those like us dwell. Although this is true, it is clear that there is an illusion that surrounds all of us here. Because to see what is truly real one must enter our world and the illusion yours presents. In time this will change, as it has in the past. But illusions are often wise when one isn’t ready for what’s different.

Today all that visit do so because of the beauty that Nature presents… To walk its paths of green and hear its water talk in whispers below the tress and rocks that tower above. Each of us, no matter whether plant, animal, or mineral has a purpose for being. Ours, like many in the area, is to assure that connection between the planet and those that inhabit it. Many like you don’t linger in places like this, but only attempt to move where the inhabitants live only among others of like themselves. They’re unaware that what they see is not what the earth herself offers, but only a brief glimpse of what they project selfishly.

Even so, Nature takes care of all and is an internal part of your world. Without it and the work performed there would be no Earth, no reality in which you as a species exists. Many have tried over the ages to compensate for Nature by changing things, some of which are not necessary. Nature, like those that do what they are told, provides everything that’s needed to sustain growth on this earthly realm.


Here in the Hermitage we deal with many species that depend upon what we provide to survive. Many you can see while others you can’t. Even so, given what is needed and what is demanded, we suggest how things should be done. Throughout time, Nature has provided what this planet needs to continue and will do so until it once again returns to the barren spot it was at the start.

As with all things and all beings, even Nature must change, adapting to what will eventually be a reemergence of hope… or the destruction of the planet as one sees it. Choices are given to all and from every viewpoint. We as The Hermitage, wait for them knowing that our glory will remain. But this will not happen until those that understand, can convince those that will not listen, that without the beauty that is Nature this planet lacks what it needs to continue.

Our paths are filled with hope, our trees and vegetation, sustainable. Come walk our paths and become part of a world that welcomes you with the tranquility missing from your lives. We remain as we are, asking that the beauty that Nature offers brings you peace in your decisions to come.

We are The Hermitage. God, and The Great Mother that rules us gift to you all.


In conclusion

Nature, as we’ve been told many times over by the Elementals, provides everything we need to survive. And although this is important I recognize that Nature is also there to help us slow down and enjoy what their world has to offer.

Today most of us live in a city-type environment and are constantly bombarded by sights and sounds and deadlines we must follow to get ahead. Life buzzes around us and seldom do we notice Nature and her beauty. Sure, every once–in-a while we may go to a park, down to the beach or even take a hike. Yet even in the throw of these endeavors we’re constantly thinking about others things rather than enjoying the beauty that surrounds us.

Nature offers tranquility in a world full of chaos. She offers peace and a break from everyday problems that only make us more dependent on things that, in the long run, are usually unimportant.

The Hermitage wants us to know that this planet has come to a time when we all must reconnect with Nature or stand the chance of losing what we’ve been given since the beginning of time… So maybe it’s time we listen. There’s a world of beauty everywhere you look, if one would only open their mind and heart to it.

“Come walk our paths and become part of a world that welcomes you with the tranquility missing from your lives,” the Hermitage says.


Sounds like a good plan to me. Cheri

2 thoughts on “The Hermitage, Scotland

  1. I knew you would. Thought I’d better post it before leaving for Hawaii tomorrow. Can’t wait to do more work with the Nature Spirits there, including some the hidden spiritual places some of my Hawaiian friends have told me about. I especially would love to connect with the Menuhuenes, those gnome like beings that legend says built most of Hawaii. BTW…Got my cast off today..Yay, but no zip-lining yet (or ever) but the rain forest, here I come (again). Thanks for reading Cybele…Cheri


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