Iona’s Serpentine Stones

Polished or plain, rough or smooth, we, the Serpentine, bring to those that search, answers. Not only about the past, but also about what is to come. 

It is wise that you ask both types (of Serpentine stones), but in reality, it is the small, uncut one that best represents our true beauty, our true path. Long ago we were looked on as a way to heal those that sought out our help. Today we adorn the necks of those that would conjure up mystical images of days long ago. Of beasts and creatures of the deep that linger still in the depths just outside our world. It is true that many have seen the power that waits for those that believe, just as it is with many of our fellow minerals from this kingdom. 

What is Death?

What is death, but a journey of discovery. Of time spent renewing and rejoicing in what was and what is to come. A time of renewal and hope for a new beginning and lessons learned, renewed and forgiven.

Halloween, A Witches Day of Remembrance

For those beliefs they were persecuted and shunned, often times giving up their lives because of their convictions. Like anyone who follows their own path, these brave souls knew that what they did was their true calling…that working with Nature and energies of this planet, and for the good of all (thus… harm none) was something that they were born to do. No matter the consequences.