Maggie’s Memorial, A Witches revenge… or not?

IMG_1473Three weeks ago, while in Scotland, my husband and I visited Tullisbole Castle near the Crook of Devon. I wanted to go there because the present owner had recently built a maze honoring 11 witches who were put to death in that area during the famous Scotland witch hunts of the 15th century. Since there was no one around, it took me a while before I eventually found the maze. And no, I ‘did not’ venture inside. Not only was it really muddy (and I didn’t have my boots with me) but I have a fear of such places, of entrapment you might say. I also knew, as in the past, I’d definitely get lost.

I was extremely disappointed because I could actually feel the witches’ energy in this beautiful place. Even so, I knew I’d come back at another time, but the next time with things I could drop along the way to find my way out.


While driving out of the estate we met a local florist who had come there to arrange for a wedding the following weekend. I happened to mention the maze and she told there was an old memorial dedicated to a witch that had burned at the stake near where she lived in nearby Dunning. With that in mind we went to find it. It took a lot of wrong turns and side roads before we finally found it, just on the north side of the B8062. Dedicated to Maggie Wall, the monument of sorts stands nearly 10 feet tall… her name and the date of her burning scrawled on the wooden part of the memorial. It was almost serial, the setting, the stone tower topped with a cross (really), and the small gifts people had left in remembrance.


As I went to step up and reach out towards the monument, without warning I was violently thrown backwards by a force unlike any I’d ever felt in this lifetime. Unfortunately, in doing so I broke my right arm (of course).

So, to make long story shorter, I had my arm put in a cast in Perth that afternoon and flew home 2 days later, where I had it recast. Needless to say, I haven’t written much since then, but since my fingers are working now (only 2 more weeks until the cast comes off) I can finally ask why this happened, and why to me!

Originally, I was going to write about the Hermitage, which was on my schedule for the next passaging, and so debated about whether this might be of interest to anyone out there. I wondered why a witch (me) would be thrown violently after first recognizing the suffering of another witch of like persuasion and then stepping forward to honor her? Once I got the answer of why this happened I decided it just might be. Especially if you’ve ever wondered why things coming full circle. Have a read and find out what I learned.


Maggie’s Memorial, A Witches revenge… or not?

Rekindling the past is never a good idea, don’t you see. Why? Because the changes made aren’t always felt through the centuries, whether in the past or in the future to come.

You write in your travels about many things and because of this we’re grateful. Yet in your search for other entities you must accept that things that happened in the past occur at the same time as they do in the present. Time is not a continuous lengthening string but an overlapping of events, the past often touching the future, the present, or even itself. This may cause, as in your case, a violent incident in space and the reality of another existence.

You see, relatively speaking linear thinking, like what man usually experiences, is not readily attainable to those that exist on the various planes that intersect in different ways and at different times. An example would be…if you went to the market and bought an apple, took that apple home and set it aside. In another timeline that apple would already have turned to dust, rotted and its seeds beginning to grow again. Or the apple could, as yet, still be developing on the tree and so hasn’t begun its life as a fruit. You see in each reality things begin and end at different times and those times are repeated over and over again. That’s why stepping directly into that field may alter your perception, change your direction, or as in your case… completely alter your position in this reality.

It is not the fault of those that wait there (in that space where the memorial is) but the time continuum that traps them all in this continuous cycle. Life continues and with it the events begin and end over and over until like in this year 2017 (360 years after the event took place) and in this time, it finally comes full circle. You wisely understand and are now aware of this because of the date written on the monument.

Finally, the cycle of judgement will end… at least for Maggie Hall and all those that endured what happened to them in this year so long ago… coming ‘full circle’ as you’d say, or 360 degrees. Isn’t that the time frame used in your world? That would be the date of the incident (the burning of at least 11 witches in the area) until the time of your encounter.


Your accident was just a mistake, then again nothing is ever a mistake but an action taken on that spot when you entered it un-expectantly. No, it wasn’t an entity that harmed you, or another witch or persecutor. It was the element of time and what you represent… the changing that was to occur that led to your fall.

Be aware of things as ‘they turn’ (the time between events) because they often are and will end when they come full circle. That said, from now and this time forward before you enter, make it known that you understand, that you are aware and be diligent. As it is now and with all things ‘the cycles must be broken.’ Therefore, in this time and in this place, all those that died should now be released from their pain to travel forward in time.


Although you wonder how this is possible when many (that have already died) have told you that they wish to stay as a memorial to those that were lost. We say…this is true. But is it their truth or just guilt that plagues them to stay; the memories of those that fell in battle or were executed for their beliefs? One does what they must to move along spiritually. That’s why many, like those you have channeled, will do so until they are presented with an alternative.

Therefore the circle again became connected and you, unaware, stepped inside. Was it an accident that you were meant to find this monument on this day? Was it a judgement for your past deeds or a warning for those like you that still search for the truth? Of course, because no matter in what world, in what time or in what reality, we must all become what we must. You see, even though injustices do prevail, it’s never enough to be the one that stands by and does nothing. Instead one must be one that believes in what’s right, and just, and is not willing to move aside. So it is and so it was, a true witch once again entering a circle which torment must end this year. You entered what (a circle) was closing, which if you hadn’t been thrown would have only brought you into a cycle which you would have started that day. Do you understand?


I then asked… would I have been trapped in the past?

In reality no… yes. All beings are trapped in the past whether that past is in the future or what happened long ago. Realities are never separate, but play upon themselves in a never-ending lengthening of knowledge. By stepping in the circle that was closing, you would have experienced all those years of suffering, which was not a part of your past. You were thrown back because those that believed did not want the guilt of another circle you would create to become their legacy. Harmful to you, yes, but much less so than the torment of a further circle throughout that cycle of time. Do you understand?

Does that mean that I could have started another circle of time by entering that one?

That’s correct, which was unwise for all concerned. Time is relative and events that happened occur simultaneously. What happened to you as a witch in this time period would have brought about the same time constraints, thus causing another circle which would then encircle the closing circle. All quite daunting but true. You’d already escaped yours (from your past lifetimes) and would not wish to do so again…nor would any other Being for that matter. Especially those that were finally about to be released from their purgatory.

It’s true that the past can be changed, because every being has the right and duty to do so. They’re born in whatever time frame and body, element and stature they want as to attain what they couldn’t before. That’s the way it is. That’s why you, and because of this, still search for those that perished so long ago in the flames of distrust and ancient beliefs. It is and always will be persecution, because that’s the way humanity is. Just beware that when one cycle ends another will begin. And so my dear, the witch hunts will start again, but in a different way… and when the circle rounds again, another like you will step inside, unaware that the disruption is nothing more than an acknowledgement of those that died for their beliefs.


Don’t feel pain for those that rest below the green hills but for the future and those like you that strive to make this planet like it was before. Whatever one does reflects back on their souls and only through these deeds can they attain what many call immortality. Which is a concept unlikely to happen to anyone … no matter what the great prophets say.

Come again to this site and give thanks to those that perished, asking that the circle of death and destruction now be totally closed. Don’t choose to become part of the past but release it for those whose suffering may now end… for those that still hold on to the torment that they no longer feel.

You have been chosen to become aware and to tell those that look for the answers to remember. That is enough. May your pain (my broken arm) become one of knowledge for all those that wait for the circle to end. It will be soon.

In Conclusion

Although at times knowledge can be hard to take, breaking one’s predominant arm is a bit radical, even for witches that were burned at the stake.


It’s been interesting thinking about the concept of things coming full circle, and how something that happened 360 years ago could just be coming to close now. This eventually leads to questions about other sites, such as battle fields. Do those that were killed violently there also have to wait the same 360 years to be finally released so they can move on?

It’s something to consider when one is viewing their own life and what they seem to hang on to. Are the problems that challenge in this life just holdovers from past lives that must be experienced, again and again, until we come full circle. To what purpose I wonder?

I was told that if I had entered the circle it would have instigated another that would have encompassed all that were already in the now closing circle. The reason was because I myself was a witch, so because of this would be included in that circle.

I have many questions (as do you reading this I suppose). Not only about having already completed one of these circles myself (when and why I wonder?), to the problems we all face in our daily lives. Problems that never seem to be of our own making and seldom make sense Maybe the term “coming full circle” actually means more than we think.

If what I’m hypnotizing is true, I would have stepped into another 360-year circle of persecution and brought the whole group along with me to suffer again. Not a pleasant thought at all!  With that in mine I give thanks to those who suffered for throwing me back and not letting me enter. I know it was more for their benefit than mine, but if all I received was one broken arm instead of another 360 years of persecution, then it was worth it.


I guess it’s time to ask my guides, The Ancients for more answers. Cheri

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