The Grove of Variant Energy

When I’m in Honolulu I like to take a long walk every morning, not only because the tourists aren’t up yet, but because it’s a good time to reconnect with Nature and enjoy the quiet beauty of the island. One of my favorite places to visit is Kapiolani Park, just below Diamond Head. After you pass the Natatorium and the large, usually non-working fountain, and nearly at the end of the park (on the left of the road) is a large grove of trees. They call themselves the Grove of Variant Energy. Over the years this group of tall pines has called to me but for some reason I’ve never had anything to write down their message with me at the time. This year I did. In fact, I made it a point to make a special ‘return’ visit just to speak with them. What the trees said resonated so much with me that the last night in Honolulu I took my skeptical husband there to do a healing on him. There is a natural (HA!) circle inside the trees, and what appears to be an entrance, something that really seemed to impress him. As always, I asked first before I entered, that by the way is something everyone should always do. The energy of the wind, my elemental partner, along with the grove itself gave my husband (one of the most skeptical people I know) an energy surge like he’s never felt before. As for its healing proprieties, of that I’m certain. This energy is ancient, and for those that believe and accept this as truth, and are in need, the Grove is always there for everyone. As they say… just “venture inside its midst”.


The Grove…governing signs of variant energies

We are the grove that you seek in this realm, this place in the island you call home. You come here often, yet have never spoken with us… although our transient energy always awakens you when you pass through our midst. As one of the groves that govern your path, we appear when needed. Our energy brings insight into the other variants of Nature, the surroundings and events that have occurred over time.

Although as a grove we are relatively new, the energy here where we rest is ancient. Long ago those from on high came and made this island their place of worship, their connection to the cosmos through the ether and their home. As a grove we still represent this, allowing those that seek a chance to glimpse, to hear, feel and realize the past and the magic that still exists in this place in your world and at this time. As we raise our heads to the sky, the wind swirls around us, vibrations arise and me emit an energy that few can feel. Always there… this energy is necessary, not only for ones like you, the old chiefdoms and those who know, but for Nature as a whole.


As you’ve written before, the Earth contains an energy grid that collates equally to the one above. Often these must unite, powering the Earth’s electrical system with the force needed to move forward. Like a conduit of energy (along with many others that exist on this plane), they come together at various times igniting the power. This is done with the help of the wind that surrounds us now, which in turn(an appropriate word as this is what it does) turns the grid on. This allows the power from above to flow before enlightening the grid to begin its various tasks.

You wonder about the Stones you’ve visited that mentioned this power source and we must agree (see The Merry Maidens) that they are connected. All are one in Nature and the preservation of this planet as a whole. Contrary to popular belief the grid system doesn’t run on harmless forces but with the consent of those that waylaid the planet in the past. The Earth, the planet as it appears now, became so because of a divine plan and because each entity was given a task to maintain its existence in the cosmos.


We could go on, but the fact is that a grove, any grove, is scared when ones of like mind gather together for one task. This is so. The Ancients planted many groves, long since gone, but even today those that know continue to do so. Why? Because the power of many, always brings forth the energy needed. So sit inside our midst and feel the energy surge through you. Realize the power that Nature brings, from both above and down below. Come to know that in all things there is a purpose, each chosen for them to do more. Become more and grow in the light that draws us all forward.

We are Grove of Variant Energy, absorb our energy and thrive.


In conclusion: Every living thing, or not, is made up of energy. But if that’s so then why are some places on this planet more powerful than others? Why is this grove an activation point for variant energy when other places that would seem more suitable, aren’t? Well the truth is, they are. The Hawaiian Grove tells us that when a group of beings come together the energy is increased… that there is power in numbers, in other words. But haven’t we always known that. Whether it’s a group of activists, school children doing a project or people praying together to heal a sick friend, the energy increases when there is more than one person working together to achieve a goal. Unlike the human population, Nature is a collective. Its main goal is to serve this planet and Mother Nature.  Since it has no outside interests, the Nature Spirits, Elementals or whatever you care to call them, use their full potential to ignite the power of The Grove for the benefit of the planet and the Mother that guides them. I’ve always felt that healing power and the flow of energy there. I’ve also felt the same energy when I visit another of my favorite Oak groves at Clava Cairns in Scotland. In fact the ancient energy there is actually intensified because of the stones nearby, another collective power source. This collective energy produces an amazing power point, and a beacon that radiates throughout the area that attracts people to visit the site.

Could it be that Groves feel scared, not only because of the collective power of Nature centered there but because in the past they were often spiritual places of worship? The Grove in Hawaii did note that ancient visitors once gathered there to connect spiritually with the world they’d left behind. The Druids also used Groves for their gatherings. As always there are countless questions that only Nature can answer. Guess I’ll have to make a return trip to the grove the next time I’m there. It’s always good to get an update.   Cheri

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