The Pink Poppy in the Original Garden, Findhorn, Scotland

I’ve come back to Findhorn to visit the Park, see some old friends and of course talk to the Elementals. While there I, of course, went into the Original Garden. Last time I was there I had attempted to channel the Pink Poppies that were blooming at the time. Unfortunately I ran out of time so i never had time to finish our conversation. Never one to leave a Nature Spirit hanging, so to speak, I decided to finish our discussion this time around. As usual the Pink Poppy, like all the Elementals, are never at a loss for words. They are always providing information about their world that we’ve never considered before. I’m sure you’ll understand as you read on…..


The message: You’ve come to us again in search of our truths. Because you have we’ll now provide you with more than we did before. We are The Poppies of the Findhorn Garden, dedicated to our job here among the others that bloom. Once before you came to speak with us but had to leave before we’d finished with the information that related to us. We’re pleased you’ve returned.

Here in this idyllic state we reside along with others of our species, many of which you’ve received knowledge from in the past. Living here we’ve seen the changes that come during the seasons of growth. We’ve experienced amazing times and also ones of loss. Because we’ve grown in this knowledge we can relay what’s needed, or not, in this world where we serve.


As the Poppy, we offer only the joy of beauty in this garden, and so resume those duties no longer available to some who have passed on. In other capacities we’d become useful for many things, but in this world it’s irrelevant. We serve the great She, as we all do, and search for ways to encourage the growth here so it’s more pleasing to the eye.

Within the soil we provide certain nutrients called trans-dental mediums that deliver certain needed nourishment. Within my root system we also hold the needed growth hormones, or factors, in which to aid others that have been lost to the never-ending ecology of this changing system. We alone are not responsible for all that happens here, nor are you, because many factors account for this strange and wonderful relationship that has taken place here in this garden. The capacity to explain everything in our terms does, at times, seem rather hard, and yet in developing an understanding between our worlds, the acceptance of our ways can be expanded.


Sitting here under these clear blue skies (yes, I have to admit it is amazing weather for Scotland) you must wonder how we cope. How do we use this to our advantage? How does this affect our growth and how can we benefit from this change, so radical may I mention, from our normal climatic accommodations?

The sun offers us all that we need, this is true, yet in accepting this we must also realize that if this (sunlight) is over done, in time this may weaken our root system and thus our existence in your world. 


You ask why, because as you say where you live the weather (in California) is like this most of the time. We must say that this goes along with the thinking you’ve experienced this trip, the deviations in our worlds, the genetic differences, as such, and why they influence our growth. So just like in your world, although many things are related (like the different poppy varieties) they don’t all reside within the same area. Therefore climate controls, the lack or over supply of rain, the sun and wind, all affect the way certain Poppies grow, produce and yes survive each climatic change.


We here in this world, the world of the Findhorn Garden, don’t accept the sun as the main force of our growth, although it is of course welcomed. It’s the cool damp air that we attribute to our ability to thrive and thus provide what’s needed in our world. Other species of Poppies, which we certainly recognize as our kin, and are always quite useful, have adapted differently and in different directions. In your part of the world (the South) they love the sun and so react as they do. In other parts of the world, the sand is also what’s needed along with the acceptance of more sun than those that linger here. Do you understand?


Each plant, like each person, blooms differently in various parts of this place you call Earth. Even so, this doesn’t change the poppy from being a poppy. Nor would it change a dog or a man, would it? No, it would only makes them appear different, adapting to the world in which they live. 

But if they were placed in a different environment, would they survive? This is a thoughtful insight indeed. It would depend not only on what the mission, the purpose or the job of the plant, animal or person, but their personal acceptance of such. Adaptability can be harsh and many will die but the ability to believe and to follow the divine course your soul has chosen is what shall and will prevail. Each within their own realm searches for their truth and what’s needed to extend their time on this planet. Therefore they choose where and when they will begin and end this journey. So it is with us. Thus the conditions, so unlike those that are normal, will and do alter our state. Adaptability and acceptance is the challenge, is it not? If not, then destruction can and will be what’s expected if tolerance towards the new or old ways, in some cases, isn’t followed.


In your world, those adapting to this place you call Findhorn was at first very difficult. Working alongside others like us (the elementals) that ‘knew’ was at times not easily accepted. Yet through continued interaction and acceptance of both worlds it has thrived to what you see today. Is this not a lesson for your world at large as well? Acceptance that all working together, although different species, and all adapting in different parts of the planet, are all still the same. For you see, The Poppy is still The Poppy is still The Poppy. Isn’t humankind the same except for the changes that we’ve stated? Terminology may differ, but all in all if one decides that their views are equal then “there you go”!


Relating now to our world, we will now talk about the great sun (the Earth’s Core) that lies beneath your feet and the beauty as it relates to the use of this sun in our world. Since you above have readily adapted to the solar energy from above as the conduit in your world, we have in our world also adapted to the solar power of the energy grids found in the center of this planet you call Earth. The great fire that still burns after countless ages is needed by the Mother Force to exert the energy to attain the growth level needed to make us flourish. Although the sun above does help when we emerge from our sleep, it’s the central heating system that warms us in our elusive sleep state we call “new growth.” This is the reenergizing of our growth purpose with lessons learned and the challenges to follow.

In our world this sun at your feet is also useful because without it the Earth and all that live upon it would cease to exist. Why, because our world, the world of the great Mother (Nature), would collapse. The nourishment would centralize itself where it was not needed and so would cease to encourage the growth of all who live here. Enough said.


As The Poppy we reside here because that’s the job we’ve been given. We bring ones like you closer to Nature. You see, beauty in whatever form, will always bring one closer to the source. Isn’t this true? So like bees to honey, the collection of colors, scents and fragrances… mingled with the ethers above bring about not only the enjoyment, but also the connection between our world and yours. So in this time, we are just that.


Our petals nourish the soil after we move on. The heads of our beings (the plant) can be ground and used for healing rituals, done by many Shamans through countless ages. The liquid of some of our species can ease pain and improve circulation in the world unseen by most. We have chosen our tasks and thus accept them as such. We live in peace here and ask that this be carried out into your world as well. We are The Poppy and we thank you for your return. Continue to grow in knowledge and expand your search to find the hidden dangers of a world without Nature.

We remain, The Poppies in the Findhorn Garden.


In conclusion: The Pink Poppy (as a collective entity) like all the Elementals that I’ve connected with, first dutifully explained its purpose. After that, of course, there was so much more it had to offer. Not only about its world, but how we are all connected. They explain that although we’re a different species, we are all part of the same world. It went on to say that even though we may live in different places we are all still a part of the whole, and each with a distinct purpose we’ve accepted as our path in life.

Just like the Pink Poppy in the garden at Findhorn, we’ve accepted the role we play in this lifetime. And although at times it may not seem as important as others, or in the Poppies case, as other species of Poppies, it’s still fulfilling and what’s needed for it to move ahead spiritually.  

As humans we must accept that although we may be a different species, only by working together and adapting to the different beings on this planet, can we realize that we’re all the same…doing the task we’ve chosen that take us further on our road to spiritual growth.  Like the Poppy says…a Poppy is still a Poppy, is still a Poppy. If that’s true then it makes sense that a human is still a human, no matter who they are or where they live. In the eyes of Nature we are all equal.

Isn’t it sad that we don’t see things the way the Pink Poppy does?    Cheri 

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