The Moors, Scotland

Welcome again to the land, the basis of all life here on this plane.

If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, namely the one about Ko Olina and the land you’ll understand. That’s why, now that I’m back in Scotland I’ve decided to ask the Moor if they had any insight they might like to enlighten us with.

When I first connected with the Nature Spirits, many years ago, I never considered how diverse they really were. I just assumed that they only worked with the flowers and trees and of course the standing stones. I never considered that they’d encompass everything on this planet, in one-way or another. Over the years I’ve learned that Nature, and those that serve her, is everywhere. Not only in the flowers that bloom in the springtime but in the snow that falls during a winter storm. Not just in the fragrant Christmas tree you bring into your home each year but in the land itself.

As usual, when I ask any Nature Spirit’s opinion or reason for existing they are always anxious to tell their story. The Moors did not disappointment.


A few years ago I passaged (channeled) The Peat (part of the Moors story) by accident. The reading I received was not only informative but lovely as well. Nature is there, no matter where you look. From the great mountains and canyons of this planet to the tiny daisies that see, to peeks out from the grass here in Scotland. I hope you come to realize that Nature is everywhere. If you’d just open your eyes…there I go again. Anyway, enjoy.

The Moors of Scotland

As you gaze at the hills note that everything that rises high above also exists below. Here among the heights of this area, those that exist here do so in various ways… not only by location, but also in their endeavors. You see this land, high above the trees, known to you as the Highlands, supplies what ‘s needed for this area and so is a certainty to its survival. Its here that’s generated not only the power that you see, but also the power that’s needed for this race to survive.

It’s seldom that those that come here recognize the value of the land or the highlands above that govern not only those that exist above, but also those that live below.

It’s often necessary for those in charge below, to offset the energy. Since that’s our job, we are the one that releases it. Although we appear dormant, we ‘re always moving, accepting and releasing what’s necessary to keep this area stable. Those that live below are often inter-intuitive and so understand what’s necessary to maintain the balance needed to keep the area the way it needs to be. You see the planet and everything it holds are connected. So what one sees above (or doesn’t see in most cases) directly corresponds to what’s below.

Beneath the earth’s surface are many races of Beings and energy sources. They work with the area above so that the constant flow of energy can ignite this planets growth, maintain the temperatures needed and relay everything that’s important from above to those that work and live below. Although many doubt the existence of other Beings or races other than those that they can see, they do exist and all with a purpose.

Although the moors, as you call us, seem stark, this isn’t true. The energy of a billion years is stored inside us; countless energy needed for the prolonged growth and nourishment of not only the area, but the planet as well. The energy harnessed in the by-products of the moors (such as peat) has many uses, some of which humankind has relied on for many eons. It’s still possible to reenact those times long ago, the air feeling sweet with the distant recalling of those days long passed.*

In ancient times many more Beings lived on our fields, walked our hills and were a part of the land. Several became what they still are today, another race living within the confines of those ancient worlds. Others moved on, evolving into the race one sees today…the memories of the past still lingering but only when one briefly touches on them in distant dreams.

You must understand that reality is ones own making. Only when one is willing to accept the differences, the other places and the times before, can they really connect with what we now give to you, to the land, and to those above and below… and what this means to the salvation of this planet.

As a working entity, we… The Moors… do more than just offer a casual escape for those that wander. We’re more concerned about our productive energy as it powers the great engine that lies well below the surface. This in tune keeps the planet, working along with others areas still unknown to you, and those seen in different lights, to achieve the goals that the Great Mother has deemed necessary to continue. It’s through this active energy field that her various images, thoughts, rules and guidance is passed. It’s also through this energy that the Earth turns and what all the Beings both below and above work diligently to provide.

The Moors throughout this planet will always be the energy fields of this planet. Spreading far and wide and working with others all over the planet, we evolve just a humankind… always moving in the direction needed to maintain all that’s transitional, directional and forever meaningful to those that serve, that indulge and wait for what comes next.

Always be grateful for everything that Nature provides. Preserve those places that are scared and remain true to the path that leads you forward into the world where Nature thrives.

We are the Moors of Scotland, your energy source and the light of this planet.

*(If you’re interested in the peat and how it affects the past, please read The Peat at Castlerigg)

In Conclusion: Many may disagree on what I’ve just written. Yet if one ever gets a chance to look out over the vastness of the moors, they will soon realize that what it told us is true. The energy of the land can’t be disputed; not only in what it produces, as in this case the peat, but in the energy it provides the planet as a whole. Throughout history the land, in whatever context, has enabled us as humans to survive. In ancients times those that lived on the land understood this and honored it for what it gave them… today, not so much. Even so it’s never too late to give credit, where credit is do. To recognize both the land and the unseen workers who tirelessly work preserving what Nature provides.  Cheri

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