Lake Shrine, Los Angeles California

Recently I went to one of my favorite places in the busy Los Angeles area. Situated just off Pacific Coast Hwy on Sunset Blvd. is a beautifully kept secret called Lake Shrine. Founded and dedicated by Paramahansa Yogananda, in August of 1950 it’s owned by the Self-Realization Fellowship. Free to all, and representing all faiths, it’s a magical place of beauty and tranquility. While there, I thought I’d ask the Lake if it had any insight into what it’s purpose. I received two message. The first was about its’s purpose and as expected the second pays homage to Mother Nature. How can it not, her beauty is evident everywhere you look. Both are worth reading and both offer a clear message we can all understand.

First Message: I am Shrine Lake. Why am I here, you ask? What was my purpose when I first became Shrine Lake and what is it now, you wonder. 

Long ago a great leader came. He brought with him a belief system that made many wish to preserve that legacy that still lives today. At that time it was decided that a lake should be built below a shrine that would represent the beliefs of this time. And thus it was so. 

It was hard for others to accept this, so the transference of these beliefs to certain areas took many years. Even so, Shrine Lake still remains a symbol to that man and those beliefs of long ago. Others have come and brought with them their spiritual preferences, and as in these teachings they too are represented here. As such, all beings, all races, colors and walks of life are welcomed. Nature is abundant here and represented, as always, by the Great Mother that lives within her world. 

This place represents the quietness of the human soul and the consciousness of something not seen but felt by those that search. It is a haven of peace in a world not accepting of such. It is a welcoming spot, set alone in a world that’s so different that it’s hard to imagine it still exists here. 

Come and walk my paths. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds all who venture within my midst. Share the beauty and meditate with those spirits that will eventually lead you further on your path ahead. 

I am, this is, Lake Shrine; a clear and pleasant distraction from a world of chaos… welcoming all to a place of peace and love given to you from a lone man so long ago. He came in peace and so we ask that you do the same. 

I am Shrine Lake and I await your visit. Stay well in the love and light of your beliefs.

Second Message: Welcome to our world, hidden away from the world you see, yet always here for those that search. As a haven for those of us that realize there’s more out there than what can be seen, those Spirits of Nature that reside here also have lessons they must learn in order to cope with those in our world.

Even though here at Lake Shrine the hectic lifestyle seen by us involving several others Beings (humans and the like) doesn’t affect those of us living nearby, the idea of what lays beyond must be understood. As a world that dictates its allegiance to the one you call Mother Nature, we strive, along with the people that revitalized this place, to bring alive a world seldom seen by humankind.

You wonder what the Beings in our world need to know about yours… so we’ll tell you. There are many instances on this planet when Nature must interact with the population directly. This happens in many ways, both subtle and not. During these times it’s Nature that must adapt, must learn to bend to certain rules of humanity and to look for ways to alter its growth to suit those like you. Although this is at times difficult, (like it would be for you if you decided to accept a new position and then were told that everything you did was wrong) in truth it isn’t. One must adapt.

And so it is in our world. This is a challenge that every Being must accept and so we do. That being the case, wouldn’t you agree that this is also the right thing for your world to do as well? Even so, over time the age of humanity will dwindle and again Nature will become like it was before.

In your world much of your time is spent doing what you must and with others you meet… but not to the world around you. Not to the Great Mother that supports you and tends to your needs. Of course, as we’ve heard many times you say this is changing. Yet in searching to find this truth, you still offer no solutions (that we can see) as to what’s causing this planet as a whole to suffer.

Here in this great place, this area of serenity and love for those both seen, and unseen, many of you will hopefully open up to the idea that Nature alone is what will save this planet. Not buildings or cars, stadiums or planes… nor engineering feats and other advantages that will come in time. These will come and go, just as they have many times before. Only Nature will survive. It alone provides what’s needed to accomplish this. Eventually, when ones like you realize this, there may come a time when this is possible. As of now we can’t see it.

As you gaze out over the beauty that this place offers, realize that all of Nature is open to you. That the grandeur offered here is as close as your own front yard, the nearest park or even the flower shop at the end of the lane. The parks await you and summer is abundant with Mother Nature’s gifts.

Clearly, if one would just look then they would see that everything they need and want is right there. We offer this to you with no regrets. We ask nothing of you but to accept that like yours, our world exists. To believe this is to become one in a way most have never done before. That is our gift to you on this wonderful day, in this beautiful place. We are the Spirits of Nature at Lake Shrine. Come and visit and learn.

In conclusion: Shrine Lake tells us the same thing I seem to channel or passage over and over again…That Nature exists, we should recognize her existence and work alongside her to work out the environmental problems plaguing this planet today. It seems so simple, right? So why not give it a try. After all it couldn’t hurt! Cheri

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