Saluting the Earth and those that Serve Her

It’s Earth Day and once again we’re reminded of something we take for granted every day. On this day I salute you, our planet Earth and give thanks that you’ve survived all these years while still continuing to sustain us through thick and thin.

I generally write about the individual Nature Spirits that support this planet and help Mother Nature to keep things running. At times I’ve even spoken with the land itself (“The Land at Ko Olina” being a perfect example), but today I thought I’d go directly to the source and ask the Earth itself what it thought about…well anything. As you’ll read, I had no luck. But not to worry, as usual I connected with those that work directly with this planet and who without, we wouldn’t exist…The Nature Spirits. 

So, in gratitude on this Earth Day (and every day) … for the Great Mother of Nature that provides for us all, and her hard-working Nature Spirits… I also salute you and the work you do to keep this planet called Earth running. 

I hope after reading this you’ll recognize their contributions as well. Maybe one day, when the world finally realizes all they do, we can celebrate them with a “Mother Nature and Nature Spirits Day” of their own. They certainly deserve it and I know they’d love it.

This planet you call Earth, the being that it is, exists not only as a single unit in a vast Universe but as a universal home for all the beings that exist within and on it. 

Existing on its own, it sustains all that live and exist within its vast boundaries, providing all that every Being needs to remain within the realm known as life (stay alive). As a living, breathing Being, not unlike you reading this now, the Earth, pre-say, exists on many levels, most of those unfamiliar to you. However, what makes this Being you call The Earth useful are we, the Spirits of Nature that look after it. Because we are, we offer these facts to you now. 

This planet, so small within a vast Universe of others, exists because the divine plan of endurance, of overcoming great odds and the ability to reproduce is abundant here. The Great Mother, who you often call Mother Nature, is in part responsible for this. By saying this, Earth Day not only represents this entity itself but also all that serve her and work to make this planet what it is today and will become in the future. 

Taking this in to account, every Being that exists here has a responsibility to become more than just a vassal (one granted use of the land) on it. They must also respect and help maintain everything that’s provided by those that tend this great planet. In doing so they must respect what is here, never losing sight of the abundance that surrounds them.

We ask that you respect this great planet, stop the destruction that has begun and begin to understand that with it comes the eradication of a place of beauty; a majesty that does not exist in every place in the Universe. You see, what this planet you call Earth has, is what many on other worlds wish for, but will never have. 

So, with that we say… long may this planet called Earth exist, and long may Nature protect and keep it so. Long may the civilizations of this fair and wonderful planet lean towards the environment and the keeping of this “Earthly” treasure

Unlike many planets in this vast Universe, this planet called Earth is different. It is lush and green and provides what the Beings that exist here need to survive. Many planets do not. Therefore, on this day of remembrance, a day of renewal and act of reverence, we ask that you thank all the Beings, seen and unseen, that help to maintain this planet as it is. All of those that bring the changes, those that work with the great Mother to alter the seasons, to provide the food and to propagate all that’s needed to move forward. 

Earth day should be felt in the heart every day, but on this day especially. Enjoy everything that this planet provides, the beauty and bounty of all. Remain true to the Mother that sustains you and honor her now and in all the futures to come. 

We remain, the keepers of this glorious place called Earth. Long may she exist in a Universe unsuited for most.

In Conclusion: Although the Earth itself didn’t want to speak to me (if indeed that’s even possible?) the Nature Spirits, as you’ve just read, did. As we’d expect on this Earth Day, they asked us, as they have since the beginning of time, to honor this beautiful planet on which we live. We all take for granted the grandeur this planet holds. Now we’re told what some of us have suspected all along, that The Earth, our home planet, is unique. How lucky and blessed are we to have the beauty and abundance that it seems few planets have. That in itself should make us want to keep it that way. We all have heard a million times over that if we destroy our world that we’re in truth destroying ourselves. Yet even though we know this we seem to take for granted that The Earth will always remain green, the water clear and the air clean. And although the Nature Spirits are doing a darn good job at trying to make that happen, we all need to be more aware of what we have and try to preserve this planet we love. Enough said. 

So…to our glorious planet called Earth and all of you… a Happy Earth Day.  Sending love and light from me, Mother Nature and all her helpers. 

Now go hug a tree. And yes, they do enjoy it.    Cheri

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