A Return to the Land, KoOlina, Hawaii

Recently I went back to what I consider ‘my own’ private little bit of paradise. I say this because there is a particular piece of land that is vast (several acres), vacant and looks out over the sea. What makes it different is that this land sits right in the middle of several time share resorts and hotels… and no one sets foot on it but me. Or for at least in all the years I’ve been going there they haven’t. This in itself is very unusual and is what drew me there in the first place. Since our timeshare is right next door, I go always return there to sit on the land and write. The pleasure and information I receive is always inspirational. If you’re interested you can read the original ‘KoOlina, the Gift of Purpose’ in the ‘News’ section of the blog. Needless to say, the land, unlike we humans, accepts the fact that life, in whatever form, evolves. If only we could see life like the land does. Maybe then ‘going with flow’ or living life no matter what comes our way, wouldn’t be quite so hard.  

A Return to the Land, KoOlina, Hawaii

Vast as this land may seem, it’s only part of who we are and what we’ve become. Like before, what once existed here long ago is no longer here. Although the structures are gone, the legends and the existence that is Hawaii, the entirety of them all, still exists within the land. Because no matter how humanity changes or destroys, rebuilds or reunites with what was before, the land remains… a constant reminder of all that existed before and will continue to do so until the Great Mother sees fit to no longer sustain it. 

You see, not only the Great Mother, Mother Nature, but The Ancients that helped and guided those here in the past, still remain. They are ancient keepers of this place and the symbols of everything this island is.

Today, as in the past, you sit upon hallowed ground, ever aware of the spirts that still reside in the islands… in the land. Just as we (the land) appears open and fee, so are all the spirits of the past that still linger in rhyme and legend, here as in the past to preserve what came before. 

In the past we told you about ancient civilizations and their ways, so won’t repeat ourselves. Instead we will offer you more wisdom from the past to those that find this land… any land, sacred. 

Land is the foundation of all humankind. The birds fly above, it’s true, but still the land is their anchor, as it is for all that live within this world. The land as ‘an anchor’, a concept those like you should embrace, is much the same… without the land this planet wouldn’t exist. It’s true that there are distant places where there is no land, only the sea. But even then, the anchor of existence is still fundamentally the same. That is why when one sees a piece of land, like here… void of all growth (except various and sundry low growing Nature Spirits) they then realize that their own foundation is the same, steady and changing but still evolving over time to become what’s needed at the moment. 

Once what was previously useful has passed, the land is laid barren. As in the past, re-awaiting its rebirth. Although times may change, the soul like the land lives on, accepting what’s needed at the time but always ready for whatever the next enchantment may be.

One can associate the land with many things in their world knowing that it, like the soul, will go on throughout time, changing but always becoming more than it was before, adapting to those changes… lifetime after lifetime.

So once again we welcome you to the vastness of the land that waits, like souls at the gate, for the next enchantment. Don’t be upset if building here becomes a reality because in time the land, like the soul, will return to what it has always been…free until another opportunity to live through another lifetime as its experience begins again. 

We, as the land at KoOlina, wish you happy journey on your world of discovery. Come back often and connect not only to the past but the future. All are here on the land.

In Conclusion:

Times may change…civilizations may come and go… but the land continues on, accepting each new opportunity to experience a further ‘enchantment,’ as it would say. But then isn’t that the same for all of us? Each lifetime offers us new ways to grow, to be of service and to reconnect with all that’s come before. If only we could accept each new challenge like the land does; adapting to whatever situation is needed to further our knowledge. Now that’s the question? The land embraces the changes that each lifetime brings with the knowledge that in the end it will revert back to what it once was…free and again ready to accept what is to come. Maybe there’s a lesson there for all of us. Cheri

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