Ley Line Questions

 Over the years The Nature Spirits have answered questions about the many different things that occur in and around our planet and how they’re connected. Since I’m again in Scotland and the subject of Ley Lines has once again become a topic of interest I thought I’d go back to what the Elemental Kingdom had to say a few years back. The first question was an older one that I received a few years back; the second two are new and mine… just because I was curious.

Q 1: This question has to do with the last passage in your book (Elementally Speaking, The Nature Spirits Guide to their World). It’s mentioned that the ley lines have something to do with the passing from this physical plane to the next for us humans. I work with a group of friends that when called upon, aid souls that are stuck to move home. We have noticed in three different instances where ley lines have been involved, unique things happen.


While walking down the lane to our house I saw three shadows cross in front of me. Later I found out about an accident on the highway. Yes, three people had died. I doused the area and there is a ley line running in the same direction.

We are of the opinion that if a live person is on the ley line they are essentially blocking it and the soul traveling in the “tunnel” to the other side is bumped out. Can you confirm this and or obtain more information for us?

A: This question is important to many that wait and look for the path that ‘leads them home,’ so to speak. When a soul passes from your world it chooses to enter into a state of transit, this being the way to move to the next juncture of its existence. When it is ready, it proceeds along the lines provided…. (continue below)




(Note: Yes, you call these Ley Lines. We would refer to them as sacred energy fields; beams of light from regions you’re unfamiliar with. Many different levels of life exist and each being must proceed to the next one level needed to increase its growth. Many will travel north while others will travel in a different direction; each path a needed energy level in which to progress to the next field.


Many of these souls will travel together to a certain point and then break away to travel alone. This soul will then travel along a beam that will lead them to the point in which they will meet the group that must first find out and then evaluate what they have accomplished, or not, in that past lifetime. Therefore, souls will cross, each going when and where they need to go.

If a ley line has fallen in disrepair then many will become trapped. This is inevitable even in your world, isn’t this right? So, they must wait until the gate keeper and his light workers can solve this problem. Some have waited many generations and are what some have referred to as ‘in limbo’. This is not from what they did in this past lifetime but what you’ve done to this Earth-bound world where this now unearthly spirit resides.


Many light workers use sound or place sacred objects on the site to open these lines. Several of the (standing) stones are not only markers left behind by the gods, but are also guideposts for those that must lead them in a different direction. These must be replaced because they’ve been removed, thereby cutting off the even flow of these energies. In this day and age many have stepped forward to do this work. If you’ve begun to look at this as your challenge we advise that you closely study the intersectional paths of many of these lines in order to understand why they stopped working before you reactivate them.)

(Continued from above)…. just like a vehicle would drive along the roads in your world. Many of these lines have been broken or blocked, this is true, but there is always an alternative if the soul is genuinely ready to move along. Many that pass away don’t understand the gravity of their situation and remain around the area in which they lived or died to safely find out the information they need to confirm their death. Many more continue to stay because they are unclear as where to go and who, if any, to follow. I

In the after-life, the guides that are provided to every living being (during the previous lifetime), even to those like us, are there and ready to lead the deceased soul to the next level. But, as we said before, many don’t wish to leave their earthly pleasures, comforts, goals, or friends/family behind. So they remain in a state that requires countless years, even decades, before they begin their migration. This isn’t harmful, but the benefit of moving along brings about a better building block for the life ahead.

Therefore, the three souls that you witnessed were indeed those that had departed and were following the road “home,” so to speak. This doesn’t mean that the road ahead is/was paved with light. Many run into detours, which at times delays their reemergence into the other space, time and reality for a while. Again, these are lessons, many of which are given to those that were always late in this life before, and will be again and again until they learn.


In the past, there was a race of beings that laid these (ley) lines in a pattern that worked with what was needed to expedite the travel of those that had passed. Unfortunately, many of these ways conflict and the changing of sacred places have diverted many of these pathways. Yet like those in your world who repair the roads and set up detours, so do the spirits that live in the counter world… thereby rearranging the path that many will and should take.

As for stepping into or coming between a spirit that has departed, this is untrue. This will not happen. You see the spirit world and this one are not connected. So just as different dimensions exist in the same time and space, the occupants in the spirit world can move ahead unfelt or encumbered in this world. Do you understand?


Q: I’ve read that where the Ley Lines intersect are the most powerful points along these lines. If true is this why churches and other scared sites were built in these locations? Is it also a fact that the high alter was then placed exactly where the lines themselves intersected giving added power to the ruler/priest/pastor?

 A: Suppositions all, yet some of what you ask is true. When spirits travel they move along these lines, often stopping to add others in their travels, as we’ve said before. There are always gatherings of souls no matter when or where one searches. These crossings are often a central meeting place. The more souls the more residual energy and thus the obvious connection.

There are also times when these connections, crossings, are better used for things other than the moving along of souls. These choices range from hidden portals to recreational use by other races still unknown to you and useful things only found in places of power.

The energy along these lines is always constant. However, when two sources, or lines, meet that power is increased thereby drawing everything within miles towards it. Often ones like you can feel this power but are unable to recognize their other purposes when they don’t relate to the original intention. This does not make it any less powerful, nor does it react to those that are using these connections.


All beings that travel this route do this in another (for lack of an explanation that you’d understand) dimension. Unless one is in-tune with that dimensional frequency they aren’t able to see the souls that travel along it.

Yes, energy is powerful and yes, it’s possible to transmit more when one is electrified. So, the assumption that one can produce, benefit from, or access more is often mistaken as such.



Q: What do Nature Spirits, if anything, have to do with Ley Lines?

How incredible that ones like you don’t recognize that all things are energy based. From the smallest spark of flame to the largest storm at sea, or the energy of a newborn baby when it cries, to the howling of the wolf at sunset, all are the same. Each has an energy found within them and each is connected through that energy to every other ‘living’ being (and yes, stones are living beings, contrary to what is assumed) on this planet. That’s why when you ask about the Nature Spirits and what they have to do, if anything… near to, or with these lines… then we must ask you…why believe in things that you know to be true when things that can’t be explained are not? Just consider that energy is a being and this will prove to you that what we are saying is the same. Energy released is energy taken in, so to speak. Continue to research the energy in all things and do not berate those that you feel are not worthy. Energy exits in all things, each unique but each one unto itself. Walk these lines and continue to be of service to those that wait. And so it is.

In Conclusion

There have been many notable people over the centuries that have worked with ley-lines. Not only in Europe but also all over this planet. Even so, different theories are only that, theories. Most of these have had to do with the energy that these lines contain and their connection as they relate to scared sites. After what The Nature Spirits tell us, much of what these experts believe seems to be true. The fact that these lines are also spiritual pathways was something I would have never imagined until a reader asked. Then again, the dead are not the entities I generally work with. Even so I found it reassuring that these souls were still traveling about our realm even after they had passed on and were on their way to their next journey.


There‘s a Celtic rock group called Runrig, who recorded a song called “Somewhere.” The lyrics remind me a lot of what this ley line journey could be like. The song says that what we all travel on from lifetime to lifetime is called the ‘Ark of Ages’. If in fact that’s true, then why couldn’t the ley lines that circle this Ark lead us not only to our next incarnation but also to other souls we have known before. I find it interesting that I discovered this song just as I was reinvestigating what ley lines were and their connection with the Nature Spirits.

The Nature Spirits went on to explain that everything is comprised of energy and therefore is connected. If that’s so then why shouldn’t these energy, or Ley Lines, continue to draw those of us that feel it towards the energy that still exists from those that travel these lines after death?

I’d love to hear from any of you that have other ideas or questions abut Ley Lines. The subject is fascinating and something I’d love to know more about. How about you? Cheri

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    1. You always have such nice things to say. Scotland was amazingly beautiful this time. The weather was perfect and the stars. I’ve never, and anywhere that I’ve been (and I’ve been plenty of places) seen them so beautiful. They were so close that i could almost touch them. Absolutely mazing. Since i am no photographer there was no way to capture them. It did give me an idea about whether to ask them if they might have something to say. Then again I don’t know if my mind could hold all the intricate equations they would throw at me. Better to ask a pumpkin or some holly as this is the season…thanks again for reading. Looking forward to reading you soon. Cheri..PS… no matter how much we write we always feel like we’re behind…just keep writing!

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