The Glen…destroyed?

The Fairy Garden of Glen Lyons, Scotland, Revisited

Last week I returned to what I liked to call The Fairy Glen, one of the most beautiful and magical places in Scotland. Located along the road of Glen Lyon (the longest Glen in Scotland) one could almost see the fairies as they flew from one moss covered stone to the next. Lush, with towering trees and a greenness that one would only find in fairy stories, the Fairy Glen radiated a beauty that was almost ethereal. It was my place to connect deeply with the Elementals of the area and here that I would often talk with my friend Pan, Mother Natures loyal assistant.

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When I arrived I was so disheartened that I almost cried. What I saw was the total devastation of what was once a magical place. It seems that the people who were harvesting the timber across the road had come over and completely destroyed the site, and as far as I could tell, for absolutely no reason. Why they would do this?

If they were cutting timber, that might explain it (there was none) but this wasn’t the case. In fact, only this tiny section along the road was destroyed. No place else was touched. It made me wonder if possibly “the powers that be” knew this was a scared space and, like many today, hoped to stop those that believed from coming there. Since over the years many of my friends have left special gifts for the Nature Spirits and Fairies, along with ashes of their loved ones here, I was deeply disturbed. I know that Nature tells use that all things change over time, but the pillaging of such a beautiful, and to me, scared spot is hard to overlook.


Because I was so upset, I wondered how those Beings that once called this place home felt. What about the trees and bushes pulled out by their roots and tossed aside, the plant life left to wither and die? Many of the smaller stones had also been pulled out of the ground and thrown wherever, while the larger ones now stood alone in the sunlight, their purpose forever changed. Because I was so upset I asked any Being that was still around to tell me what had happened and why? This was their response…

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Long ago when the earth was young this planet was different than it is today. Over the ages things changed and became what they are now. You see, time does not accelerate, nor does it release or alter progress. Things, people, unseen beings and those that grow, all prosper and die. They all do this when and within the range needed to become more. It’s not altogether different from what you do in your society, isn’t that true? You pull down what’s old to make way for what’s better, when all along it will always be, what it always was. After all, truth lies in the soul not in what surrounds it.

You’re upset because what you imagined, you can no longer see. Yet the beauty that you knew never fades because it‘s always there…in the soul, in the mind, in the remembrance of what it once was. Things never die, only change, and with this change often comes the reality of what was or wasn’t in that persons life. You see each person experiences things differently. This does not make them any better than anyone else, only different because they see things in another way. Since what you see is only destruction, and not what’s still there… what’s still alive in your mind, then you can’t accept change as it’s presented.

An example would be if say a church where one goes to worship the deities that bring them spiritual release is destroyed. Does that mean that those deities, that God that they worship, has chosen move on? No, not if the belief they have rests truly in their heart and soul. Another church is found, or built, and that person or being moves on.

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It is the same here…whether it’s the beings of light you refer to as Fairies, the Nature Spirits or the Old Ones, whose light still warms the darkness, the animals in the fields or those that dwell within then forest. All must move on, holding true to their beliefs and never wavering from who or what challenges them to be better than they are. God, as you know him, exists in all things.

Mother Nature, who rules us here, does so because she has asked and we have agreed. Yet in her goodness she allows us to grow, just as your God allows you to grow and experience what you must endure to move ahead spiritually. All of us, whether animal, mineral, or plant life are the same. Each is a part of another and each adapts to things, no matter which way it‘s presented.

That was the way it was for us and will continue to be until time is no longer there to bring us what we need. The truth is, we’re part of a greater scheme and adapting is part of the trial of all beings. That’s the way it is. Had you, and all those that have visited us, not been so engrossed in how we influenced your growth, then you wouldn’t have even noticed the change. Do you understand? As you say, it’s in the eyes of the beholder, right?


Unquestionable as it may sound, we have chosen to move on and to become more, but in a different way. The stones themselves feel a release from the darkness but still hold within them the magic they’ve always had. The Beings of Light are still here but have begun to move towards places more suitable. The animals, insects and beings that live within the earth have also accepted they fate and have decided to stay or move along. Whatever their choice, it’s theirs and no others.

Scan 14.jpeg

All things change, as we have stated many times over, and will continue to do so, but the light that shines in each heart is always there. Only you can extinguish that light and only you can change what hasn’t been changed mentally. Only you can move ahead and begin again, new and improved… knowing that the spirits that once and have always brought light to your world, still do. One moves but that doesn’t mean that they cease to exist. Do you understand?

We are the guardians of this place you call the Fairy Glen, asking that you start again as in have in the past, accepting that what is, will always be….if one believes it to be so.


After which Pan had this to say…

Hello my darling. Quite a mess, hey. It was a total shock when the workers came and tore this place apart. Although many here were destroyed, though you know that nothing is ever truly destroyed, only recycled as you young folks say, many of the other Elementals still remain.

Maybe this place isn’t quite as inviting, part of a reality that you dreamed up I might add, in actuality it’s still the same place…. only with a different décor, so to speak.

Scan 5.jpeg

Yes, many of the beings you never see are still around. Although the daylight is a bit distracting, the work will go on. It always does. Look at the hills and the trees that have left us. They are being made into others things. Yet they are still as much a Nature Spirit as the pencil you write with as they were when they were trees. Think about it. Change is enviable for all of us. Well maybe not me, but yes… for all beings.

Accept that change is never ending, even though it hurts when what you knew as your truth is destroyed. Move on my dear. Light is light, love is love and all things will be different in the morning. Find another place that suits all those that find this destruction intolerable, making it again a retreat for those that hide in the darkness and long only for the touch of those like you.

Go now and think about all we’ve said and then visit again, this time with a new outlook and insight unlike before.

I am, we are Pan, Mother Natures right hand ‘being’ (being politically correct, as you say)

Scan 9.jpeg

In Conclusion

I guess I was put in my place, and yes it did make me think. Then again, the Nature Spirits always tend to do that. The truth is change does happen, and every day. Although as one ages it’s not as easily accepted as when they’re young. Spiritual growth is like that, it happens lifetime after lifetime. One needs only to accept it as truth before they can move ahead.

Don’t you love how the Nature Spirits gave us examples which we could relate to our lives? I find this much simpler to understand than a long list of do’s and don’ts, or why’s and why’s not’s… or why I, personally, should or shouldn’t be angry or upset.

So maybe in the long run the wood- choppers did me a favor, then again maybe not… because I loved my Fairy Glen.  But as Pan says, there are lots of Fairy Glens out there. As long as the memory of the original stays in my mind and heart a new one can become just as meaningful as the one that’s no longer there.

Things change and life moves on. The Nature Spirits tell us we must “roll with the punches,” and move ahead knowing that our spiritual values are what counts. The memories, they say, will always be a part of our soul. So, rest in peace my Fairy Glen. I’ll see you in my dreams.  Cheri

One thought on “The Glen…destroyed?

  1. oh that is heartbreaking ( but lovely images) and I hear you when you say that the spirits move on. Still it frightens me to think of what we are doing to the garden on this beautiful space ship called Earth. Some of my cousins live in Perth though I have not walked the Glen Lyon path. Perthshire and Kinross are so beautiful and I love to drive through all those little villages on the way up to Pitlochry and Killiecrankie. You must have been to the old oak grove of MacBeth fame outside of Dunkeld? There is a lovely fairy glen on the Black Isle just outside Inverness where I took some lovely pics and also I have visited the Fairy Pools on Skye.


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