Summer Solstice at Culloden

free-wonderful-space-sun-wallpaper_1920x1200_84536-e1372624763764Even as you read this I’m on my way back to Scotland and my Nature Spirit friends. Since it’s the Solstice and I am returning to Scotland, I thought that a previous message (which I have just revised to make it more understandable) would be in order.

This message is from Culloden, a famous battle ground where both English and Scottish soldiers fought for what they believed in so long ago.

Battlefield and other places where the dead rest is often filled with ghosts, lingering still to preserve the memory of those that have fallen. Some can’t bear the loss of their cause, while others don’t know they have died and continue to fight on. Some, like those at Culloden, have assumed the job as caretakers so that what happened in the past will always be remembered.

So it was that a few years back I happened to be at Culloden on the Summer Solstice. I asked for and received this message, which was both haunting and enlightening…. Out of darkness comes the light and with it new beginnings. Enjoy…


Summer Solstice at Culloden

One the eve of this Summer Solstice one must not only reflect on what’s happened before, but on what’s to come. Every season brings with it changes, and with these thoughts of what was, and is to come.

As the sun rises higher in the sky and the time to bear fruit is on the land, it’s also a time to reflect back on what happened before…the long winter of solace, the season of bliss and then the fading of the light before the surrounding darkness.

Here in this place of myth and legend time stands still. Not in reality, but in relation to the past. For acts of treason and bravery, both seen differently in the eyes of the believer, for the interactions of ideas which have long since been abandoned by the forgetfulness of man, and the past, now forgotten.

All things are relative to one’s beliefs and like the sand on the beach they turn with the tide. Each relationship, whether it’s about politics, humanity or personal excess brings with it, and to each of us, an openness of what’s needed to move further ahead. It’s often said that ‘time changes no man’ (or person for that matter) because each brings with them what they want; a holdover from lives lived both in the past and in the future.

Stopping to consider things gives one the ability to adapt to those things that aren’t in ones known reality, as they move further into the world of humanity. Few can understand that many of those that search, assuredly are no longer aware of what’s needed to become what they are today.  Of course, searching is a way to find what’s lacking, but truthfully everything that one needs is given to them. Only when one considers what makes them feel complete, is it actually accepted. Many still hold onto beliefs held over from the past and also the legends and unfair achievements in this lifetime.

When searching for a new beginning to this season of light, one must step forward from beyond the shadows and into the light, always aware that what’s given to them is indeed what’s needed. Don’t remain in the darkness of the past, but instead move forward into the reality of the season. As the sun warms… things grow, making ideas and challenges more open because they are seen and not hidden like before.


It’s true that all the seasons are important, but this day is especially so because it’s what brings about a heightened awareness… when one accepts that decision of growth and the fruition of time spent in the shadows. Now is the time to reap all that was sown. Like Mother Nature, who at this time brings forth her fruit, you too should show that what you’ve discovered in the past year will bring about what you need to again move like the tide, ebbing and then flowing back to sea. Go now in your search, always moving forward in time until you once again retreat to the rest and darkness, as in the past to renew and reflect on what came before.

Here at Culloden the sun shines, bringing with it the memories of those that have fallen, both in their time and for their cause. These souls still wait, many of them lingering because they guard the memories of those that fell so long ago. This is their plight and they’ll cling to this until ‘the light of day’ shines in their soul and they can release their hurt and anger and move on. Many can’t release what they know to be their truth. This is relative to growth. Yet in doing so they cling to what ‘was’ instead of moving forward; lessons learned and feats accomplished whether for the good or bad in their reasoning.

All experiences of life, whether in this one, those in the past or those that exist beyond, are given to everyone because of the lessons learned. Acceptance is easily achieved by many, even so those that remain still cling to their clans; to those times of strife and the comrades that now lie under the soil; their cause now gone but the memory still as clear as the ice on the hills beyond.


Culloden was and will always be a place of remembrance. Of times when the state of men, and the freedom they sought, brought to those that remained behind the succession of lives lived in truth. Each, in their own way and time, brought with them the legacy which still rings clear today.

Challenges, long gone now, still rings true for men today. Like in all battles it’s the truth that rises above the dead. It’s the cause that brings the lives given in battle the momentous reclamation they deserve. All things and all of humanity experience this and yet many don’t understand the lessons that have been given to them over the ages. Many return to fight these battles again and again, always steady in their effort to accomplish what was lost before. In truth, this isn’t what’s needed but is however what some souls must learn in order to move forward. The past will always bring about change and in this change the lessons for today, tomorrow and years to come.

Here at Culloden, we ask that everyone that visits to remember that those that sacrificed themselves to the cause did so because they knew within their hearts, their souls, that what this stood for was what was right in their mind. So it is and so it was… and so it will continue in perpetuity… men and the causes that will turn them inward towards the lessons that are needed to move forward. And to those that will bring them back to the path, that in truth, is their way to redemption.


Don’t react negatively to what surrounds you, because you don’t know the depth that ones such as these felt so long ago. Do however, take pleasure in the total enlightenment of those that served and died valiantly for what they believed. To do this is the highest glory a soul can give for growth. So it is, and so it will remain… a haven for all that believed and sacrificed for the good of country and those that served.

Go now and salute the sun. Move into the light, once again aware that what you want can only come to be if one believes it to be so. That’s what’s given to you on this day and in this sacred place.

We remain, the spirits of this land and the souls that search still for their truth.


In Conclusion

Culloden makes one think, not only about the famous battle that changed the course of a nation but how the spirits that still remain continue to hold onto the truths they valued so long ago. Although this is admirable and something we should all strive for, moving forward into the light and out of the darkness is the only way to truly move ahead spiritually.

Like Nature, who spends the long winter in hibernation awaiting its season of renewal, we too must do the same. The wants and dreams…those ideas that grew through those long winter nights can now blossom and grow. Unlike the ghosts that continue to linger in darkness on that lone battlefield, step in to the light. Don’t spend your life dwelling on the past.


On this day of the sun’s rebirth, take the time to visit Nature. And like her come out of the darkness and into the light…. a new beginning starts today.

May this Solstice bring all your hopes and dreams to fruition.

In love and light, Cheri

3 thoughts on “Summer Solstice at Culloden

  1. Lovely post! We just got back from our road trip to Scotland, what a beautiful place to be.
    Happy Summer Soltice to you from Norway! 🙂
    Best regards, Dina


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