Water, The L.A. Harbor

Recently I arranged to meet my husband and some friends for dinner at restaurant that looks out over the Port of Los Angeles. Since he volunteers at Los Angeles Maritime Academy and the restaurant is quite near, and also very good, we all decided to meet there. I arrived early, so I sat out on the deck where a small quartet was playing. It was lovely and warm and the harbor, that had been quite busy earlier, was now quiet. As I watched the ocean flow by, I wondered what the effect this scene might have on those around me. I’d connected with water now and again but never in a harbor. Would its message be different from the lake, or well or even the sea shore I’d passaged years before? I was surprised that rather being technical, like many of the water spirits I’ve passaged before, the water here revealed its ability to calm, something I didn’t expect. After you read the passage, see if you don’t agree…


The Water at Ports of Call Village                                                                San Pedro, California

The music sings and the birds soar as the ocean brings its energy here to this place, and at this time. Although others may doubt its healing powers, it is there…the inevitable Being that elevates all to the reality of life.

Water, whether it’s in the harbor in front of you or it comes from the tap in your own home, it is everything. Because water, in whatever form, represents life… renewing, refreshing and prolonging all in its abilities. Although what you see (in the Port) is a mishmash of vessels and structures, transports and steerage, it is still what it is… a refuge for many in the deep water below.

Like life, water flows. It is never still but always moving, bringing with it all the things needed for every being to exist. As you move ahead in life recognize that what water provides is not just the essentials, but a sense of peace needed in a world rampant with distrust.

Water… the oceans, rivers, streams, lakes… all water furnishes a release, a place for dreams and ambitions to flow and reality to slip away for a while.

So, come and relax in the midst of turmoil by a lazy stream, a waterfall or the flowing ocean as your dreams stream into a reality that becomes real if you want it to.


My comments: Short but to the point… Water is essential to life. But that’s not all, it also has the power to soothe and let one’s dreams stream into another reality. Maybe that’s why a long soak in a warm tub at the end of a hard day, or an exhilarating swim in the ocean can bring a kind of peace that’s hard to define. If you look at it that way, I guess water is definitely the one Elemental we can’t or don’t want to live without.

In love and light, Cheri


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