The Banyan Tree, Moana Surfrider Hotel, part 3

The Banyan Tree; catch-up and comments                                        June 31, 2017

As you see I’m still standing, absorbing what’s necessary to survive. There was a time when the thought of defeat was ever near, but things change and I have accepted that one must face its challenges in whatever capacity that may be. It is not often that ones such as you journey here, speaking to ones like me. Still the ones that stop to admire what I am, don’t understand what I was before.

Death, as you have written, is hard at times to accept and thus it has been trying on me as well. Although it is never easy to prolong the inevitable, it is also unwise to wish for your demise when other factors coincide.

Once, as you know, I listened to stories told by those of long ago. Children played beneath my branches and I was free to grow as intended. But time brings changes and thus as you have seen, has done so to me.

I still stretch my limbs to the sky, sheltering those that live above in my branches. I still provide cover for those below, becoming still to many, a symbol of the islands. Contrary to beliefs thought by many, I continue to survive because it is my path, my obligation, so I follow it.

IMG_1316 3.jpg

Yes, I still miss the feet above my roots and the sound of children laughing. But others come and their legacy will live on. Thus it is that I exist and will until the Great Mother calls me home to once again begin my journey of light.

Time is relative. Although it seems short, it is not. All realities exist simultaneously, each becoming a part of another until they blur like a distant dream.

Do not worry about me, although your work is possible because you do so. But reality is never clear when things are clouded by past events. The rules never change, life and then death… but never an ending. Don’t fret if I die because existing is only that, a short image of truth given to one for a brief second; wondering and hoping, loving and loss are equal, of times when least expected. So it is so with me, here and in this world.


Rest assured that all is well and I will remain until the Mother once more reunites me with what’s to come. Go in peace knowing your work was not, or is it ever, in vain. For to work for the survival of Nature, to prolong its growth for future generations, is all there is. Remain true to your goals, moving forward, always forward, in this world.

I am the Banyan Tree at the Moana Surfrider, and I will survive until I can no longer.


I hope these messages encourage you to notice Nature and give her the respect and love she is due. And if you feel in the mood, go hug that tree or take off your shoes and walk on the grass. Never mind the “stay off” sign. Who cares what anyone thinks, because it’s Nature that feels the love and we are the ones she needs to make that happen.

In love and light, Cheri

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