The Banyan Tree at the Moana Surfrider Hotel, Honolulu Hawaii…an update, part 1

As you must have guessed from my last three passages, I’ve been in Honolulu, Hawaii (or there abouts) for the last three weeks. Since many of you are new to my posts, you won’t know about the wonderful Banyan Tree that sits right in the middle of the bar area of the Moana Surfrider Hotel. We have a history, this Banyan Tree and me, so each time I go to Hawaii (which is often) I visit my Nature Spirit friend there. Not only because I think it’s beautiful but to also to make sure it’s still surviving.

You see a few years back, Paul, one of my readers, noted that I visited Hawaii often and asked if the next time I was there would I talk to his favorite tree. He felt it wasn’t doing well and wanted to know if there was anything he could do to help. Since I am always available to help any Nature Spirit, I agreed to met him at the hotel under this great Banyan Tree. Paul was right when he said the tree didn’t look well, so I asked if it had anything to tell us, and was there anything we could do to help?

It is a long story, but after receiving the first message Paul went to the management of the hotel and convinced them that there was something wrong with the tree and the only way to save it was to listen to what it had to say.

I must congratulate the management for even considering this in the first place, as most people think I’m crazy when I say tree’s, plants, well anything in Nature, can communicate, but being Hawaii they went along with it…at first!

The next time I was in Hawaii I was invited to meet with their top management, an arborist, and an expert on Hawaiian Lore to try and sort out the problem.


The tree was very forthright about telling us the reason it was dying. It was simply because it no longer had contact with humans, as it had in the past. You see much of Nature must interact with us in order to survive. The Great Banyan said that since the hotel had covered it roots with stone, it could no longer feel the vibrations it needed from ones like us to survive. Thus, it was dying…or had decided to (as the second message will tell us) since it felt no one cared about it anymore.  In order to save it the tree suggested that the hotel remove the stone so it could “once again feel the feet of humans on its roots” (Don’t you love that) Of course, the hotel said no, it would cost too much to remove the stone and put in grass. Both the tree and I have no idea why they would have ever taken out the grass in the first place, but oh well…

Since Nature Spirits, being the malevolent beings that they, the tree then began to compromise. I mean really compromise, as you will see. The next thing it suggested was that maybe they could remove just part of the stones, leaving a small grassy area so that it could at least feel some vibrations from the humans that would occupy that area. Again, the answer was no… again it would cost too much. Really!

Then the Banyan conceded even further and asked if they could just remove the planters around the tree so that people could just touch it.  You’ve got it, the answer was no, that would never work.

Finally, and this was so heartbreaking, The Banyan asked for one very small thing…a total downplaying of what it needed to survive of course, but still something. Are you ready…

Would the hotel kindly consider putting up a sign that simply said…


By now management was probably sick and tired of trying to negotiate with a tree and said yes. But did they ever do it? No, of course not.

Since that time, I’ve noticed that the tree has lost a few of its limbs and for a few years there was looking like it might not survive.  I think that during this time it had given up on humanity, which is what I would have done. After all wasn’t a simple sign worth it’s life? I guess not, or at least I’m sure that’s what the Banyan felt.

Over the years the tree has suffered, I’m sure most of it due to the lack of love it had for the humans that it felt had deserted it. This time however it was looking quite good and wondered if something had changed. It was obvious that nothing it had asked for before had taken place but still it seemed healthier somehow. Once you read the second passage you will see why.

I have to warn you that if you ever go Waikiki Beach, and the Moana Surfrider, and see a strange lady in the planter hugging the tree, it will most likely be me. Yes, I actually climb into the planter and hug the tree whenever I visit. Then we talk. I haven’t been hauled away yet and I’ve often been tempted to have a sign made and hang it from the tree myself.


You see, all of Nature (especially the tree in question) wants nothing more than to be noticed by us. Just as we want others to recognize what we give to each other and the world, Nature wishes for the same. Considering that this beautiful Banyan is the hotels symbol, I think I…we all have the right to thank it in a way that it would like. That’s why hugging this tree, any tree for that matter, is a simple way to spread our vibrations through it and back to Mother Nature herself. This way we offer her reassurance that some of us at least appreciate what she gives to our world. Try it and see if you don’t receive back more than you give. Nature does indeed hug you back.

That said, if you’re still interested please read both passages in the next two posts. The first post is from the tree after we had finished our negotiations with the hotel, the second post from last week. As comments would be greatly appreciated. If anyone knows someone in management, mention the sign. After all they did promise.  Cheri


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