The Tree at The Pali Cliffs; the end of a Nature Spirits life

Yesterday I paid a visit to the famous Pali Cliffs on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I hoped they might share more information about the islands colorful and ancient past. I wasn’t only interested in what happened there in the past but what is still happening today.

With notebook and pencil in hand I headed for the cliffs, but as luck would have it (for me, but not the subject of this passage) on the way I noticed a group of men preparing to cut down what appeared to me a full grown, perfectly beautiful tree. It was then that I thought about the tree itself and wondered what it’s feeling were about having it’s life ended so abruptly ended. What, if anything, did it think was going to happen to its “spirit” after it was? So as usual, I asked.

I wrote this passage as the tree was being hacked in half before falling to the ground. As expected, even when faced with its eminent demise, the tree at Pali Cliffs was quite content to share its message with you…


Death, in whatever form, happens. That is life and death…an ending once again becoming the beginning of something new. At times the aspects of dying, or in my case being removed, can be disheartening. Why? Because what one has always known has ended and what’s to come is still unknown.

As a tree that has existed here, not as long as many but more than some, I’m aware that life ends in all worlds. With death comes renewal, although this may not always be in one’s present form (such as human) but may instead be in another form that will affect ones spiritual growth.

Even now, as my time grows short, I wish only for what’s to come, knowing that I’ve done what I needed to do in this incarnation. It’s difficult for humans to understand, but the fact is… life is a series of episodes experienced by ones soul. Each performs what is needed to move ahead in its existence. Because ones like you view life as the beginning and end of all you know, it ‘s hard to accept that realities change with each one. Each life, each being or reality brings with it other experiences and goals they must meet… goals often times made for the fulfillment of obligations.

I have no regrets, nor do I wish to stay, if in doing so it causes distress to those around me. Certain events come and go in each lifetime, bringing up things that cause one to remember from lifetime to lifetime, existence to existence. Longings are often part of this process; urges for one to go and do what’s familiar, or what best suited them during their time in that world. Dreams often bring visions about lifetimes before, both future and past. Life is never linear, but a ribbon of light that twists and turns, often intersecting once again with a person or lifetime before.

As a tree at what is called the Pali cliffs I have seen a lot, although not as much as the cliffs themselves. They are an entity unto themselves, always open and constantly recording what happens inside the planet. One can best find out what they do if they go directly to the cliffs themselves.

As a tree I’ve been beneficial to those that live below me as well as a haven for those that look for shelter and live in my branches above. Unfortunely, after my death I can no longer help them. Everything will change and all must adjust. Life in any form must do this to survive. If not then they should do as I’m doing now… release their hold on that lifetime for what comes after.

The ecology of this island is what’s important, so my purpose was to serve as part of a system that performs this duty. The air is cleaner, brighter, and bluer if one accepts that beings such as I, and all Spirits of Nature, work as a whole to make this planet habitable. It is and was my goal to be all that I could, to follow the path I have chosen and then to move forward to my next adventure.

Death is never easy; because life brings a feeling of closeness that spirit does not. Don’t be afraid because each reality brings what one needs, building within itself a reason for existence and a purpose to live.

I am the spirit of the tree at Pali Cliffs. Like me may your spirit soar to new heights when this life has passed.

IMG_1310.jpg                                           (+)

In conclusion-

It seems that lately Hawaii, at least for me, is more about death and renewal than living in the now. Maybe it’s because of what’s been happening in my life, and with those I love, that the Nature Spirits have been there, trying to put things more in perspective.

Even though we all know we’re going to die one day, do we really want to think about what’s going to happen afterwards? Most of you reading this already have your own beliefs about what comes next, be it heaven or the countless lifetimes reincarnation offers us to get it right. Each personal choice takes those that believe to where ever they want to be, just as long as they made an effort to do the best they could in the previous lifetime.

It’s clear that the tree at Pali Cliffs seems quite content about what it’s been able to provide and doesn’t seem at all worried about what’s to follow. Unlike us, Nature’s fate is assured because we see it in action everyday. Nature lives on, season after season, constantly renewing itself to become just as good, if not better, than it was the season before.

The Tree goes on to explain that life is a continuous cycle, each experience building on the other to move us ahead in our spiritual growth. Maybe if we knew exactly what happened after death, like our friend the tree does, we wouldn’t be so upset when we lose someone close to us…. then again, maybe not. After all, remember it did say, ”Death is never easy; because life brings feelings of closeness that spirit does not.” If that’s so then maybe, unlike the tree, it’s the closeness we feel for the love ones we’ve lost that makes us human? Think about it.


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