Walnut Creek Reservoir

Walnut Creek Reservoir

Walnut Creek Reservoir is a short walk up the hill from my home in Anaheim Hills, California. It is a lovely spot with a paved trail that runs the entire distance around it. Everyday you’ll find people walking, jogging or just enjoying the wonderful sites as they stroll along. The area is full of soaring hawks and gentle humming birds who flitter among the wild flowers that grow on the surrounding hills.

Since this body of water is a reservoir, it is as law dictates, surrounded by a fence. As I was taking one of my leisurely “thinking” walks the other day I began to wonder if the water itself might be ‘put-off’ ‘ by being separated from us humans by this fence. So instead of speculating, like I would have done in the past, I found a bench, sat down and simply asked. Brief but sweet, this is what the reservoir had to say…



You come to me today full of questions, such as… what do I feel, what do I do and why do I exist? The answers are relative to your thinking of course, since everyone knows the purpose of a reservoir.

Some see me as only a body of water, stored over countless time for whatever purpose ‘they’ deem important. It is true that I am that, but if you search for other reasons you will find that like all things on this planet, I am more.

Water, as one assumes, is the fundamental building block of sustainability for all species, so I can boast that of course. But as to being specific, I shall continue to site why I exist as a reservoir. A large body of water such as I has countless purposes. The wildlife water assists is evident. That is why we, as the waterways of the world, accept them all with love and preserve them on their paths through life.

Below countless species of life exist, different from you but still necessary for the eco system that sustains all things.

The blueness you see invites peaceful thoughts and the vastness, although available to all in various ways, still remains untouchable to you.

You wonder how I feel about the fence, and I say…

Some things are relative, while others are necessary. Since I, as water, have accepted this task as a reservoir, I am not at all offended by it. If I were a lake it would alter the way I think, although a lake is actually closer to what I am.

You see, like you water evolves…it returns as it leaves, its form altered. Often this reservoir becomes part of your many rituals… from watering and sustaining the plant life below, to providing the liquid that sustains you as a human being.

I become water for domestic use but move on in other forms, while always remaining what I was before.

I am the container of life, a bringer of sustainability, and a tranquil place to contemplate. I have done all this for those that call my waters home and this is enough don’t you think? Then again aren’t all things.

Go in the peace that water brings you. Travel the seas and discover the streams that wait for those that seek the solitude that water brings. Because only water will deliver what is needed in a world of want and struggle.

I am the waters of Walnut Creek Reservoir.


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