The Nature Spirits Take on War

The Nature Spirits Reaction to War

The Elemental systems of this world does not relate to this world in which you dwell. This is a fact, is that not so?

When relating to all things no one is apart from another for all are the same.

In your world many exist to change themselves, to be what they know they can not be, yet in truth they are as they are and all are the same.

Though many exist that have a difference, be it of race or religion or point of origin, they are in fact as us, alien to those who are unlike which you see.  For as each plant is alien to the tree and the tree to the soil, all remain within the planet. All sustain the life that emits the growth upon this plain and all are one in the eyes of the Creator. Each giving what they know to be their truth and thus giving this to all that would encounter them upon this plane in which they dwell.

As you “shun” certain races, cults or entities, know that what you give within yourself is only what others shall accept within your being.  For all have the knowledge to extend themselves into whatever place, life or realm they desire and have through countless lifetimes.

As the butterfly emerges from his cocoon, he radiates with colors unclear before.  Once he was but a worm that crawled upon the earth and others would “shun” him for this fact, but in his reality he became, as such, a beauty that arranged his being to be what he would become within his time.

As you roam this existence know that what we see and what we give, relates to you as you relate to us. We give and we accept, learning with each growth period lessons imparted unto all those that dwell within this earth.

Search now for this gift that spreads to all that would encounter those that remain upon your plane. Exist to be more and we shall become more to you. Cease and all shall perish from your plane.

Guidance given can seldom come if one does not align themselves with what they see. To do so can bring vision and hope through this knowledge.

You seek now the connection of us and the battle that rages once again upon your plane.


Know that we exist in all things and destruction of all is destruction of all that we have become.

As you destroy this planet, The Mother strives to align herself with resurrection and yet in ceasing to listen, she imparts hardships unto all that challenge her word. Did you not encounter her wrath in the sand, the sister of the desert, in the mirage that lessened the depth of perception upon the face of her world? Will not her intensity strain the ego and the heat thrusts itself within your being? Does the wind not say, be still and cease to destroy that which is sacred?

We know that you relate not and yet this thought shall be given… As little or as much as you accomplish in this plight of destruction, the Great Being that guides us all, rules all.

Yes, choices are yours, as they are ours, but we relate to the destruction of all beings, not only of the Spirits of Nature that we have become, but the plight of the whole Earth as it spins upon its frame.

Know that what you do to us, you do also to yourself.

Poisoning The Great Mother that spins within her web, the truth of all living things, is to poison your own sense of being. To exist without her framework is impossible.
Many cease to exist in a world full of torment. In this we speak also in the time span of all that dwell here. For many have been obliterated and have become no more due to the insecurity of man.

Know that our sisters the stones and the moon and all the stars have benefited not from these acts of aggression, they have found in themselves the need to rearrange and to change this existence on this plane. Many have come before and have disappeared because they were unkind, not only to the Great Earth Mother but to all beings.

Many “yanked” out, what we call our friends, our brothers and sisters, making us weep for those left behind.

Many have fallen ill due to the poisons admistered through the air, the water poisoned by chemicals that enlighten men’s progress towards peace. This is truly impossible as this gift that we give is the acceptance of all things as such.

To generate a tolerance for all things is the goal set by many so many years before ever fading in the mists of time.

We search now for an answer to what you seek. To know how we are affected by this sudden outbreak and to know why we continue and how we manage to exist.

Seeking now the answers is every wearying but chance encounter will bring to you truth.

Go now and return when you have subsided.  WRTA

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