The Fairy Falls, Wales

Fairy Falls, Wales

Seeking now the connection between worlds, journeying into chosen areas; challenging all that is unknown to the world outside, the world within awaits.

Coming together heightens responses opening into channels untapped for eons.

The falls before represent us in a time of transformation for water brings changes does it not?

Beings dwell below above, below beside, within…breathless towards places unseen, yet awaiting those that dare to enter. Awakening within those that enter her established roots to world’s unseen, carrying with them the soil to plant the seeds of interest to those outside our world.

Gently glistening in the sunlight the ancient beings are there welcoming and renewing with knowledge older than man, older than we, awakening when the Mother was new.

Joyous beams of light escaping your world of chaos join here with others to grow in the light of our creators love.

Captured here lie eons of timeless energies radiating out to sustain this place you call the Fairy Waterplace; all struggling and interacting within this space to bring and keep and acknowledge all that was before.


Ancient Gwains, seekers of lost truths existing still, challenging the existence of ones such as we. Knowing that within their soul lies the connection of all things.

The water below flows surely as life and yet in the stillness of this place it travels silently imparting its truths, its lessons, and its empathy…onward towards worlds unseen.

Once, long ago many lived here, lost in a world of renewal… not only of lifetime existences but of growth and journeying of light.

Regimes long lost are still within this sacred space.

The song of Rhiannon rings clear to the valley below. The ancient towers now empty long for the days when the Old Ones walked the Earth.

Legends abound, truths told round fires glowing with the embers of days long past…ever fading. Yet the flicker held by those of us still burns brightly, ignited by ones like you that listen.

We are the fairies of Nature, the Spirits of the trees, the Goddess of the springs.

We are alive. We as you seek and the lessons we endure are shared.

Looking now toward the East you will see the realm of the fairy. Though you are not by any means the instigator of such, they none-the-less welcome you. You have not dealt with such and so the lessons now are the acceptance of those that abide here and the roles they play.

Since you have not chosen to uncover their world as such, they present it to you as a gift.

For long before man came to your world, they existed; each with a purpose, each with a calling. Relating to all, caught up in their reality things existed unlike any you have seen. Kingdoms of golden hues, bright as the sun glistening on a hill of quartz glimpsed long ago.

Ageless in their grace they were what was needed. As so existed in a world of magical beings…waters of healing…empires of glass; shards of which can be found today.

In pools of light they bathed, destined to change all that would enter their world.

Escaping from none, for their existence was unchallenged.

Living and dreaming and accepting of all; helpful, loving, mischievous, loyal and kind they were…they are. Diligent in their duties, beautiful in their might and magical as they were in the world before.

Worlds have changed, yet in this place there still exists those that dwelled within that world. The ageless creatures called The Old Ones, The Shinning Ones…The Creatures of Light; sustaining this place…glistening in the water that falls, bringing within the promise of renewal. All is well here.

Bring this to all but keep well the secret of this place…this hollow of long ago.

For alive they are still. Awakened now by those that believe.

You shall return and within you shall grow the knowledge of our world. Your path has changed and you are part of our world as well.

Welcome dear Cheri to it. We honor you and send you joy. Go to the creatures that roam the sea for we are all connected.

Connect with the sacred mound and become once again as you were before….a child of this place…a child of Wales. We welcome you.

We are the Fairies, the Spirits and the Water of Fairy Falls.


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