Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaf Findhorn

I am the autumn leaf, changing and growing older like all things do, this illusion of old age leading me once again to this path I have taken before. I will enter again, for a short time, a safe place until I begin my journey back to where I began.
I was once bright green and turned my face towards the sun. I soaked in her warmth and heard the birds sing in my hair. I looked for the meaning of every thing and flew through the night in dreams, remembering the glow of the lady (the Moon) that lights the sky in the evening, the light changing the colors on my face. I felt the morning come as the dew settled softly on me.
I have lived to be just what I am, giving to every Being shelter when they needed it. I am a home to those that live in the branches below me and store energy for many uses. I send out healing energy to every Being in your world.
This is what I do and what I did everyday in this place I call home.
Even though I am small, I had the energy I needed and my intelligence will stay with me throughout all the (life) times to come.

My kind (species) has told me of the time they spent in the dark earth below. I understand this and know that everything comes and goes and returns again. Like me you are born, you die and you are born again.
Believe what is written here because this journey begins first in your mind. Everything will become real if you accept that what we tell you is what we know to be true.
So it is that I will return to the earth. My time finished in the “day light” of this place you call Earth.
In the place of the trees I moved with others like myself, giving to everyone the Nature of all things. Always trying to tell those of you that will listen about the beauty of the ones that live inside our world; speaking to those who ask inside their minds if we really exist but then never stopping long enough to hear us answer.
Letting go, I will now go again into that dark place. That place that will bring me the warmth and comfort I have wanted for so long.
As my sisters and brothers also fall, one on top of another, they are happy. They understand that everything begins and ends in its own beauty, each season bringing with it a different kind of beauty than the one before.
Be happy with life, but accept what death will bring too. Nothing ever dies but only begins again, new and bright and giving each a chance to become more than it was before.
I wish for you now a soft place to lie in the earth…warm and comforting. I wish you the joy of re-entering the world that is new and bright and filled with the love for all beings.
Just as all of Nature loves all of you, we hope that you love us too. We are all the same, all living together and this is the real plan.
Follow in the light of those that have helped you. Honor the final days that will come… alive with the passion you each feel for the life you have led. Be happy in “your truth” knowing what is coming at the end of this life and beyond…and like us, go out in blaze of color!
Whether it is as red as the sun or as golden as the moon…as green as the Earth or as blue as the deepest sea…as sacred as the color purple that rises in the highest mountain or as orange as the fire that burns in the depth of your soul…be like us, happy and satisfied in everything you have given in this lifetime.
Live as if each day will never end… even after you die…
For in each ending is a beginning, bold and bright and green and beautiful.
Grow like the plants and return like we do.
I send to you all the love and the light and a promise of a NEW SEASON.
I am, We are…The Falling Leaves of Findhorn

It makes you want to go out and buy the brightest and most colorful outfit you can find, doesn’t it?
I love the part where they say, “Live as if each day will never end, honoring the days we have left and making each one count and always remembering that Nature loves us and we should love her too.”
So do as the Autumn Leaf does, go out in a blaze of color, letting everyone know that your life mattered and that you celebrate it; accepting that death is only a beginning, not an ending.
If you can just believe and do this, then the rest of the time you have left is just as they say, “icing on the cake!”

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