The Redwood Trees


I am currently tucked away among the Redwood trees at a writers retreat in the hills above San Jose, California. Needless to say it is gorgeous here. When I first arrived on Thursday a group of very tall Redwood trees greeted me. A Nature Sprit spirit, a very friendly Nature Spirit in fact, appeared to me in the form of an owl. Not a flesh a blood owl but the figure of one within the framework of the tree. I knew I had to talk with these trees…eventually. This morning I finally did. As always they had a lot to say. Some is familiar but the hidden veil was something new, or at least the way they conveyed it. Something to ask about further I guess. Enjoy!

The Redwood Trees

The Writers Retreat Friday, November 05, 2010

Looking up you see an abundance of leaves, the means in which we breathe and relate to this world.

Many call us ‘The Legends’ for we have existed long before those of your kind have entered our world. Tall and lean we are the watchers here among the many that inhabit the space that we share with others of our world. There are times when Nature projects herself into your reality and within this ream we exist. For many more (beings of Nature) do not exist within the seeable ream but beyond the veil which is still our world.

Others like me search still for the answers on planets far beyond our reach… feeling and their eyes ever searching for those beings of long ago to set us free.

As the Redwoods we represent not only the austere present presented to those that seek us out but to those like us, species wise, as a kind of archetype…say like an older member of the family in your world. Existing within this parameter we envision within your mind the past which is always needed for growth.

We also exist within this plane to further the growth of other beings such as the birds and wildlife unseen but heard by many who reside in this area. All beings, whether they are of our world or yours, exist to serve though many do not impart this fact in their being. We however strive to become always a part of the world in which we exist.

As you look above you will notice tiny nodules that are imbedded within the truck of our being. These are used to communicate and thus are always open to all beings. As you sit there and write, know that you are watched and this information is transmitted by way of these nodules to others that would also serve as ‘look outs’ in our world. For destruction follows many that search still for things that are not relative to their growth but are only used to further their pleasure.

Many of our clan has been taken, but this is expected. For each being from our world accepts that service beyond self is their goal. Whether it be the rose that lights up the garden with its fragrance, the ever giving vegetable that adorns your table or the medicinal plants that arrange your lives free of suffering, all provide what is needed to become one. This is not necessarily as unpleasant as you would assume because with service comes growth and this is what is needed to progress further in this world……….

in all worlds.

Each of you has come to this place in contemplation and within this world you are more open. Thus if one does not free themselves from the ties that hold them firmly planted in material things then they can no longer see what we represent. Here one notices and thus we are awakened to this fact and perform for you, so to speak. Our Sister’s the sun and moon obey and become one with all things and give to each that desire it, amazing vistas therefore opening their eyes to things other than the world in which they exist; each absorbing what is needed to propel them along and into the giving phase of their life.

As you look upon the ones that lie above, beyond and below know that all things are connected; that the human jungle is no different than the jungle that exists all around you.

The Mother that guides us all has given each a gift and with this a cause, a challenge and the hope of the future. You have come here to explore that challenge and with our help and guidance we welcome you to our world. We are the Redwood Trees and we exist because we are of service.

Be wise and kind and know that all beings, whether large or small are connected.

Go in peace and love and remember to exist in both worlds… if this is possible.

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