The Standing Stones and my Path

And so it began…
When I stepped inside my first Stone Circle some fifteen years ago it began to talk to me. Since I’d already been working with my guides The Old Ones, and then The Ancients for many years, this was who I just assumed was sending me the message. I soon found out I was wrong. It was the Stone Circle itself letting me know that it had things it wanted to say and that I was the one they’d chosen to listen. This not only amazed me but made me ask, why me? Of course I’d already asked that same question before, right after I’d first started receiving message from my Guides. But being the esoteric beings they are, I never did receive an answer.



The Stones of course were more forthcoming. In fact they answered my question even before I’d finished my trip around Scotland. They said it was because I’d once been a Stone so I knew how to listen. That answer seemed strange at the time but I’ve come to realize over the years that maybe they were right. All my life I’ve tended to listen, though at times my husband may disagree. Even though I’m an Aries I never liked being in front of the room, or singled out in a group. I’m also the last person to volunteer her opinion and to most people I’m basically invisible. Funny thing is, I like it that way.

Observing and listening to everything and everyone around me is what I do best. I suppose that’s what made me so attractive to The Elemental World. Someone who’d actually stop and take the time to listen to what they had to say. Most people don’t you know. They have blinders on when it comes to Nature. The flowers can be blooming away while the trees rustle in the breeze calling out their name, but they walk right by. They are just too busy texting or have their mind on who’ll call next on their cell phone.


Since that first message inside that Stone circle, Standing Stones and Stone Circles have been a passion of mine. Just being in their presence brings a kind of surreal feeling and a closeness to Nature that can’t be explained. I’ve always wanted to write down their messages so people could understand their importance but due to simple twist of fate and then circumstances beyond my control I was led down a different path. Then again it wasn’t all that different when one think about it.


It all came about because I told my then, new friend Leona (who since that time has joined me on most of my journeys) about my recent experience with the Stone Circle. It was then that my path turned not towards the Stones as I planned, but towards The Greens of Natures Elemental World instead. Though the Mineral Kingdom is definitely part of the Elemental World, it was the plants, the trees and the flowers that most of us think of when we say Nature, and where I first began my journey.


Leona Graham, a former ten year resident of Findhorn, a community near Inverness, Scotland that works directly with the Nature Spirits, asked if I’d meet with a friend of hers. It seems the woman could see Nature Spirits but couldn’t communicate with them. Leona assumed that since I could talk to Stones then most likely I could do the same with trees and the like. As you’ve guessed, she was right.



It’s a long story but this discovery eventually brought me back to Findhorn a couple years later and what they call ‘Experience Week.’ This led to me working with the Elemental Kingdom itself and then writing Elementally Speaking. The plan after that was to continue on that same path by compiling some wonderful stories I’d heard from The Greens (this what the Elemental Plant World calls themselves, at least to me). Of course, that was not to be; at least not yet. Why, because my first passion, the Stones would have none of it. After all they’d been the first Nature Spirits to contact me and they figured it was finally their turn to be heard. Luckily, this was fine with me. Then again it really doesn’t matter, once you’ve worked with the Nature Spirits you pretty much do as they ask.


Because I’ve always loved Stones, any Stones, and they were kind enough to ask (alright, so I was actually told) I agreed. As I continued on this journey I discovered answers to many questions man has wondered about since the beginning of time, I suppose. Along with these came some amazing stories that I’ll need to be explore later. Hopefully that will happen someday. As for now I’ve done what I was asked to do, let the Stones tell their stories.
assorted 131.jpg

I guess you can say that my journey has come full circle, which would be a great Nature Spirit joke by the way. The world is full of magnificent sights, most of which have to do with the grandeur of the lady herself, Mother Nature. Hopefully these passages will give you some insight into the world of The Stones, the Mineral Kingdom of The Nature Spirits. I know that not all your questions will be answered but hopefully you’ll come to realize that not everything is what it appear to be on the surface. Every being, whether it’s you or me, the gardenia in the garden or the mountain in the distance has a purpose. Only by working together and respecting that purpose can this world continue to survive.

Without Nature we wouldn’t exist. After all I’ve learned, I’m convinced that without us, Nature would have no purpose to either.

In love and light, Cheri

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